Набор для рисования по номерам Schipper «Филин»   Набор для рисования по номерам Schipper «Эйфелева башня ночью»   Сборная модель Моделист бронетехника БМ-13-16Н «Катюша» 
anyanybodyI am ...;You are...
Вопрос -ответ.ч1.What (quentions)why
Does (quentions)I heard you!But I have
She’d run.She’d checkedBear had done it.
I knowIt has hair.This - That
This is something else.This is what I wanted.You don't ...
They are our friends. She is the wife of the polar bear. ... halted ...
We’d have meat.Were you ..Same
Would you rathe ...... be (...was ..)It was lovely
His mouth was open.progress was slowHe pretended to think
How can I forget?Where does he live?Where did it take you?
Where do I take you next?SuchWhere do we even begin to search?
has pickedI’m listening.Make anything up.
What are saying?Thanks for coming.How is she feeling?
I mean for a living?What was that thing?There was ....
this, thatThis is my ...What did ...Who,Why,When
... hard to ...I had ticketsсобираться что-то сделать ...
... be going to ......fetching ...... fetch ....
I've got him! to have got to ...Both
Get a ...I didn’t get a good look.The senior elder has requested that I investigate his death.
I will be charming.I will get it.Who will take care ?
I will still be watching you.They will attack youIf you truly love him, you will let him go.
You will both be safer if you aren’t here.WhatI do it all.
she doesn’t have to do it so loudly.He asked meKate asked me,
I never saw them.Why did you?He always did.
She never told me how she met you.I am your master.I was saying.
wichI was giving him my full attention.She was confused.
He has exonerated you.Do you mean this?Only two more days to go!
A man had to have his rules.I could have hurt you.He would eat.
Every so often a brilliant red beam would flash. You and me.It
You always win.I had a name.Maybe he did.

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