Возвратное местоимение себя после некоторых русских глаголов на английский язык не переводится:

He feels well. - Он чувствует себя хорошо.

He behaved like a child. - Он вел себя как ребенок.

Но: Behave yourself! - Веди себя хорошо!

Не is not feeling himself. - Он не в своей тарелке.


I could tell You astonishing things.
I gave You something-two somethings.
I learned so much from You and Clem.
I told You I’d tell You over dinner.
I would have let You know otherwise.
It’s one of the reasons You like me.
I’d like to meet with You in person.
I’d love to hear You play something.
I doubted us.
I dropped it.
I drove home.
I felt dizzy.
I felt small.
I fight back.
I follow him.
I glanced up.
I got sleepy.
I had a name.
I have a few.
I have to go.
I helped you.
I hugged her.
I hurried on.
I just acted.
I just can’t.
I just don’t.
I just heard.
I kept going.
I know a lot.
I like Sam.
I liked Jane.
I mean, sure.
I missed him.
I need light.
I needed her.
I phoned you.
I play at it.
I prayed not.
I really did.
He fell back.
He had to be.
He has money.
He hated her.
He hesitated.
He kissed me.
He knew that.
He liked her.
He looked up.
He loved her.
He loves her.
He missed it.
He never did.

He shuddered.
He staggered.
He swallowed.
He taught me.
He truly did.
I figured.
He was smiling.
I was cautious.
I was in trouble.
And call the feds.
Then Rosen shrugged.
Then I looked up at him.
Oh, we don't carry those.
Then there's deadheading.
She had a flight that day.
Then she pursed her mouth.
I can step in and complain.
I had lost all track of time.
Oh, can you cash this for me?
Then I'd pick up the PA mike.
How long you been with Pan Am?
And one who couldn't fly, at that.
You're Frank, aren't you?
Pete, get me a telephone over here.
Then I grinned and laid it on them.
I was stunned when I stepped inside.
My bumblebee instincts began buzzing.
May I use your adding machine, please?
Then Wright twisted around to face me.
I need three hundred of these," I said.
Then I took the check to Sam.
I made a reservation and turned to Pete.
She blushed.
She cackled.
She coughed.
She felt it.
She flushed.
She frowned.
She giggled.
She giggles.
She grinned.
She groaned.
She grunted.
She hung up.
She inhaled.
She is cold.
She laughed.
She pointed.
She scoffed.
She scowled.
She settled.
She sneered.
She sniffed.
She snorted.
She sobered.
She started.
She stopped.
She vomited.
She was mad.
She was old.
She was shy.
She was wet.


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