main - главный; principal - главный, основной, ведущий; central - центральный; present - настоящий; same - тот же; wrong - не тот, неправильный; right - тот, правильный; very - именно тот; only - единственный; next, following - следующий; предшествующий; last - последний; former - бывший, упомянутый первым; latter - последний из упомянутых; other - другой, второй из двух
Вставь в предложение одно из верхних слов. Если нужно - измени немного предложение.
You always win.
You are joking.
You could lose.
You didn’t say.
You do,he said.
You don’t know.
You heard Mike.
You killed him.
You like roses.
You look awful.
You look happy.
You must agree.
You never know.
You poor thing.
You were right.
You were wrong.
You are correct.
You are nothing.
You aren’t real.
You can’t bluff.
You don’t exist.
You forgot nuke.
You missed them.
You are correct.
You are nothing.
You aren’t real.
You can’t bluff.
You don’t exist.
You forgot nuke.
I have to leave You now,he said.
I thought You were exaggerating.
It’s the weapon You should have.
I’ll even let You take pictures.
You have something.
You know, physical.
You look frightful.
You remember Henry.
You are persuasive.
And You told them.
But You know that.
If You don’t mind.
Oh,You shall see.
See You out there.
Then You did good.
There You have it.
Well, You rest up.
You certainly did.
You didn’t scream.
You disappoint me.
I saw You last night.
I thank You for that.
Thank You for asking.
Thank You for coming.
TookYou long enough.
Well,You were right.
How extravagant You are becoming.
I couldn’t believe You were dead.
I don’t want to see You get hurt.
I'll tell him You called, though.
He won’t like it if You kill me.
I feel creepy when You say that.
You have secrets.
You killed Katie.
You mustn’t weep.
You resemble him.
You seemed upset.
You started this.
You are desperate.
You are different.
You are dismissed.
You bought dinner.
You did marvelous.
You do understand.
You look worried.
You prick,I said.
You see monsters.
You shouldn’t be.
You were willing.
You win,she said.
His blood can turn You to stone.
I didn’t know You spoke Italian.
I would never put You in danger.
If You ask me, You rejected her.
In fact, I’ll do You one better.
I’m going to put You on speaker.
Maybe it'll help You believe it.
Sorry I can't give You any more.
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