it - все неодушевленные предметы, события, явления, ситуации, а также животные.


Когда речь идет об очень маленьком человеческом существе (a baby, a very young child), особенно, когда его пол неясен или не имеет значения, обычно употребляется местоимение it:

he didn't like that comment about the Istanbul hit at all.
he knew the layout, knew it by heart.
I don't know anyone else who can go after it but me.
I find myself thrilled at the prospect of dipping my toe into that deep chasm, just to see what it feels like.
I want it before lunch.
I want it done tomorrow.
Ian wasn't likely to wait very long.
if I hadn't koshered their bloody contributions someone else would do it for them.
if only they had a bit of jam.
if something like this could happen to Katie, who was as joyous good alive a person as Alex had ever known, who liked everyone laughed at everything had not a single enemy, then the best thing you could say about the universe was, it was
if, as I did my job without fear or favour cleared myself of suspicion, some of the department's more outstanding incompetents got trampled underfoot, that would suit me fine.
it did distract her from endless speculation about Jack’s money where it came from.
it didn't matter.
it had indeed.
it just might.
it may seem chaotic, but it has rules.
it proved fortunate.
it scared me.
it sounds different.
it was beautiful.
it was flat.
it was gorgeous.
It changes you.
It did, and in as confusing a manner as it had started.
It didn’t come.
It didn’t help.
It didn’t matter.
It feels heavy.
It got into my dreams, and in my dreams, it wasn’t scary.
It had happened.
It hadn’t been.
It hit the spot.
It is mine.
It isn’t ending.
It seems likely.
It still hurts.
It sure doesn’t look like it to me.
It took time.
It was 4.
It was dangerous.
It was done.
It was hard.
It was make-believe.
It was more.
It was slower.
It was there.
It was true.
It wasn't as bad as he'd thought it would be.
It wasn’t over.
It wasn’t true.
It wasn’t working.
It worries me that it wasn't conscious.
It wouldn’t matter.
All creatures are not the same, nor is it necessary that they should be.
An hour later he had a blazing fire in their sitting room, and the garden seat was set up by the wall where she wanted it to be.
and comprehension quite apart from the torment that I had conceived it to be.
But I wasn't sure which him I wanted it to be.
I had not known this, basic though it might be.
I was to be a pit slave, it seemed, whatever that might be.
One of the good things about riding a horse was that it wouldn't fall over or run into a tree if you lost yourself in thought for a few moments.
Steady It will be a few apples.
The donkey gave an agonized bray, and seconds later it collapsed, going to its knees and then falling over sideways to kick a few times.


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