How did you like the play? - Как вам понравилaсь пьеса?

Сделай предложения вопросительными.

You and me.
You can go.
You can run.
You got mad.
You have to.
You know Sam.
You know me.
You need it.
You own him.
You said so.
You shut up.
You tell me.
You told me.
You take it.
You tell me.
You want me.
You fouled us.
You know that.
You know this.
You look pale.
You look sick.
You can go.
You did it.
You eat it.
You got it.
You owe me.
You say so.
You fixed it.
You hate him.
You know her.
You liked it.
You love him.
You sit down.
You the same.
You will pay.
You will see.
You did not.
You do that.
You had sex.
You love it.
You are mine.
You asked me.
You can help.
You can’t be.
You did good.
You go ahead.
You go first.
You got away.
You got time.
You have two.
You heard me.
You just did.
You know why.
You look sad.
You may stay.
You say that.
You scare me.
You want him.
You will see.
You always have.
You are nothing.
You can’t drive.
You deserved it.
You feel better.
You followed me.
You know: doing.
You look better.
You look lovely.
You saw nothing.
You should know.
You deserve it.
You just drive.
You just relax.
You killed her.
You killed him.
You look tired.
You never know.
You really are.
You seek death.
You seem… nice.
You were right.
You were there.
You always do.
You are alive.
You call them.
You can leave.
You done good.
You go online.
You heard her.
You know that.
You know what.
You like that.
You saved him.
You should be.
You still are.
You were born.
You were fine.


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