Сослагательное наклонение показывает, что говорящий рассматривает действие не как реальный факт, а как предполагаемое, желательное или возможное действие при наличии каких-нибудь условий.

 If we had waited to carry the canoe, time would have been lost.
Если бы мы задержались, чтобы перенести каноэ, время было бы потеряно .

Every so often a brilliant red beam would flash.
Sam bet that the man’s cowardice would prevail.
But I don’t intend to be caught, she would reply.
He knew just where that fucker Prescott would go.
I tensed my arm to see if the muscles would work.
Reiko knew that sooner or later Yugao would snap.
but it wasn't as bad as he'd thought it would be.
She swiveled in her chair, hoping he would leave.
Clearly, she believed that Reiko would capitulate.
If he lay down with his back to me, I would shoot.
Leon was on-line, just as she’d known he would be.
More than that, she wished something would happen.
The arrows were not so good, though they would do.
But the longer he waited, the worse they would get.
If I attacked Alcippe now, the priestess would win.
If anything happened to his son… Someone would pay.

She wanted me to guess something that would terrify.
I agreed to bringing her to council and I would have.
The senior elder knew what my inquiries would entail.
Tom was terrified of how their parents would respond.
Tonight, with the full moon, the waeres would kennel.
He’d known for a year now that this moment would come.
I’m very much afraid that is exactly what it would be.
She felt as invisible as she’d told Sano she would be.
I wondered how much the whole pumpkin patch would cost.
Looks like someplace where Bonnie and Clyde would stay.
You don't know the first thing about me, she would say.
But if he drilled them hard enough, by God, the respect would come.
He drew a breath and searched for the words that she would believe.
I wanted her angry enough to kill and not think what it would mean.
The chamberlain killed a man in order that your husband would live.
Or maybe he could only see the absence of a body, but that would do.
Don’t take this the wrong way, but that’s probably what would happen.
He could only make her fear disappear by showing her how it would be.
I would like to have done that, to see what the sense of it would be.
If he hadn't been playing with his equipment, he probably would have.
If he’d worn a collar, I could have grabbed it-not that I would have.
If you’d heard him-if you’d seen him making love to me-you would know.


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