It would be a good thing if you asked a dentist to pull that tooth out.
Было бы. хорошо, если бы вы попросили зубного врача удалить вам этот зуб.

Some и any перед артиклем, указательным или притяжательным местоимением употребляется с предлогом оf:

Would you like some of these sweets? - He хотите ли этих конфет?

I couldn’t understand any of the - Я не мог понять ни одной лекции.


I would never.
It would come.
It would work.
She would not.
She would pay.
„Why would Mr.
She would know.
Li would either.
She would burst.
That would stay.
That would work.
This would work.
This would work.
Hunter would win.
Hell, so would I.
A thief would run.
But they would be.
No one would know.
And never would be.
But you would have.
Someone would come.
The cook would not.
A motive would help.
Sam would come.
Maybe it would veer.
And she would scream.
But Frank would help.
Nothing would remain.
Again they would lose.
And it never would be.
The trouble would end.
He hoped it would work.
The damage he would do.
but nothing would come.
All night it would rain.
But I knew you would be.
Even though it would be.
He prayed it would work.
I no think he would die.
When the wind abated it would rain.
Maybe, though, maybe he would return.
Those who couldn’t see it would lose.
Where Sam would be, so would Eve.
Actually, the Ritz-Carlton would work.
Maybe no more bad things would happen.
He merely waited for what she would do.
If he did this right, Grace would live.
All kinds of complications would follow.
I knew something like this would happen.
I wasn’t quite sure how this would work.
If Tom didn’t touch her, he would die.
If it didn't break, the neck would warp.
And like all the others, Sam would pay.
He wondered how long his luck would hold.
She did, hoping her stomach would behave.
A scent cocktail that a waere would crave.
He drug runners, as Sam would say.
But it was the only thing that would work.
I did not see how knowing that would help.
That he could make sure no one would know.
They were the enemy, was all he would say.
You couldn’t have known what would happen.
If it felt that bad dying, no one would go.
If they’d cared about him, they would have.
It’s what we both promised him we would do.
Mara put out a hand, as if that would help.
She was certain the tree-girl would return.
And soon Kate’s darkest season would end.
He’d seen at least twenty rings that would do.
How magical—just like something Bear would do.
She understood, better than anyone would know.
We’re investigating, was all Olivia would say.
And not the dregs of society no one would miss.
But sooner or later, he knew, someone would be.
I thought it would work.
I’m tired, he would say.
Just as Axel would have.
Then Doc would reappear.
Trash nobody would miss.
After that… it would end.
And he never would again.
Any open window would do.
Not that they would care.
Probably they would have.
He thought he would vomit.
Only the truth would work.
At any moment it would rain.
I said, yes, I would object.
I was hoping you would come.
Nothing of his would remain.
I warned you they would come.
I was hoping he would forget.
Jimmy knew what would happen.
Now he had, and he would pay.
I guess maybe that would work.
It's just what Fiona would do.
My superiors would disapprove.
I guess I thought it would end.
In half an hour it would start.
If he knocked, she would answer.
Imagined the damage it would do.
That’s what Nietzsche would say.
Then the headlines would change.
In his other life, it would have.
It was all they would understand.
That’s what a gentleman would do.
That’s what most people would do.
This time, only Charity would do.
And for that some punk would pay.
If he yawned, peaks would crumble.
It was what any real pro would do.
No doubt the shipments would stop.
But you never said you would leave.
He couldn't see that he would fall.


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