Дополни предложения.


Only thirsty.
Only thirty-five dollars.
Only two more days to go!
Only then did she face me.
Only then did my cheeks get wet.
Only to discover what is going on.
Only weighed eight stone, four pounds.
Only we're seeing it a hundred years later.
Only then did Wilson notice that he was Japanese.
Only this virus doesn’t only hijack a host’s DNA.
Only those with weapons kept guard near the flames.
Only two police officers now remain in the building.
Only then does he become a dedicated communist agent.
Only then did she spot a body sprawled near the tree line.
Only this wasn’t the Russian he’d been taught by his parents.
Only these cradles were made of steel and had lids that locked.
Only then did she move, taking off down the path back toward the camp.
Only then, at impossible, dangerous speeds, did she begin to feel safe.
Only when he got to the cruet did he say, 'Are you waiting for someone?
Only three customers lingered, but David had called to say he was running late.
Only then did I use the soap and scrub, and only then did I begin to feel like myself.
Only then did he realize the cough and growl had been purposeful, meant to flush him out.
Only this time, he would look at it and remember the exact instant she got the inspiration.
Only those personnel absolutely essential to the defense of this vessel are to be on this deck.
Only then did she notice the black stain running from the tarp to the water, like a trail of oil.
Only this wasn’t minimalist black-on-white Manhattan decor; it was almost barbaric in its splendor.
Only when he felt the terrific wrench about his middle did the snake man turn his head and discover Doc.
Only then did it hit me that I was wearing only red panties and a red tank top with a stylized lion rampant.
Only three months old, the girl was already walking on her own-though she plainly still liked to be carried.
Only then did he take out of his pocket three sheets of paper—photocopies of a smudged photograph, a wrinkled press clipping and a digital photograph.
Only then do you get to the third and final strip: the Kontrollstreifen with another two fences, very deep barbed wire, more minefields and observation towers manned by machine-gunners.
Only two or three minutes after the murder, this same van was being driven out through Wolvercote, over to the A44 towards


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