What do you want with her, boy? - Что тебе от нее надо, мальчик?
At least, I feel this strength in myself.
По крайней мере, я чувствую в себе такие силы.
Do I demand a more logical and truthful explanation?
Do they send you to jail?
Do you mean this?
Do you see your own soul?
Do you think I'm your slave, is that it?
Do you think they don’t count?
Do you think they faked it?
Do you want them with you?
Do you want to hide?
Do you want to shut up and hear the rest of this?
Do you want us to teach the girls to sew mother hubbards and bloomers, and you pay to see their ankles, and that's it ?
Does he come on his own?
Does it come naturally?
Does it?
Does she think she just got a tattoo?
Does the fedgov plan to seize the 'scuttler ?
Did anyone move his body?
Did I dream that?
Did I?
Did they make sense only because Dad and Sam had lied to her?
Did they maybe have a reason for not rushing to take you on?
Did you assume you knew how she felt?
Did you follow her to his place?
Did you kill Deeds because you wanted to?
Did you shoot her and then leave it in her hand to make it look like suicide?
Didn't he tell you?

At least he didn't want to be in the room when it happened.
At least her stomach was.
At least I didn’t think I could.
At least I had to try.
At least I was, before my master was savagely murdered.
At least it felt that way.
At least it has to be something a child can do.
At least Michael and I were.
At least none that cleaved to Edward’s protection had.
At least not anyone respectable, with proper scientific processes and verification.
At least she hoped she did.
At least she imagined not.
At least that was what it felt like.
At least that’s what we thought we knew of Sam.
At least the energy came from Mark in some way.
At least they did until they met me.
At least they look it.
At least wait until I’m back tomorrow.
At least what appear to be roads.
At least where he should be?

When you want someone to do a something, but they don't want to do it, you state a lower minimum amount that you think they should do using "at least ___":

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