I have just received a letter from - Я только что получила письмо от

my brother Tim. Here it is. своего брата Тима. Вот оно.

обычно выражают наличие кaкoгo-либо результата действия, который может наблюдаться в настоящем, прошедшем или будущем времени.

We have bought a new TV-set. - Мы кyпили новый телевизор.

в центре внимания находится само свершившееся действие, сам факт и результат его свершения. Обстоятельства, при которых оно свершилось (время, место и образ дeйствия и пр.), неважны и несущественны.

He has exonerated you.
He has mentioned you.
They have very limited use.

I have just agreed to kill someone for money?
I have just alienated one of the people whose job it is to make sure my resumes get submitted to the casting people, a person who will probably never again let me speak to my agent.

I have concentrated on the gardens.
I have helped deliver scores of babies, some of them in this very bath.
I have honored my oath to you.
I have played on some of the noblest instruments in the world—because these are not just violins, you know, but violas, and those big fellows over there are the violoncellos, and those biggest of all are the big-burly-bumbles, the double basses, which have a way of going very gruff when they have to travel—and I can make them speak secrets like a doctor.
I have played.
I have prepared a bed for you,” he told her.
I have watched you for a long time, waiting until you were no longer a child, waiting until you knew me.

A real hotel is for hospitality. Unfortunately, too many people in this business have forgotten. Назначением настоящей гостиницы должно быть гостеприимство. К сожалению, слишком многие служащие гостиниц забыли об этом.

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