семантика некоторых русских глаголов не допускает их употребления в страдательном залоге в русском языке, например: to give давать, to grant предоставлять, to offer предлагать, to pay платить, to promise обещать, to show показывать, to tell рассказывать, to teach преподавать и др.

She was given a cup of tea. Ей дали чашку чая.

Не was offered a trip abroad. Ему предложили заграничную командировку.

They were told a strange story. Им рассказали странную историю.

She was promised help. Ей обещали помощь.

You are paid a good salary. Вам платят хорошее жалованье.

She was trapped.
She was confused.
She was murdered!
She was turned on.
She was trapped here.
She was used to mice.
She was indeed a challenge.
She was tied, she realized.
She was surrounded by white.
She was interested in Kate.
She was surrounded, engulfed.
She was attracted to this man.
She was tied and couldn’t run.
She was worried about the lamb.
She was dressed like the others.
She was used to men wanting her.
She was pressed against the pane.
She was spooked enough as it was.
She was stranded on the pack ice.
She was flattered, she really was.
She was flushed pink, eyes bright.
She was pelted with ice particles.
She was prepared for the question.
She was arrested together with him.
She was damned quick on the uptake.
She was surrounded, as if in a net.
She was tied to a chair while her feet burned.
She was cocooned from the neck downward in bark.
She was squeezed in a gap behind some shrubbery.
She was interrupted by the big steel door opening.
She was saved a reply by the jingling of the door.
She was alarmed, Sam thought, as well she should be.
She was surprised at the strength of her conviction.
She was answered with a stinging slap across her back.
She was assaulted, almost six years ago, left for dead.
She was naked, smeared all over with Lord Mori’s blood.
She was tied by unbreakable links of love to the place.
She was patched up, Tom was stitched up, she could go.
She was scared and she wanted to get to Harold right now.
She was saved further admonishment by a knock on the door.
She was unadorned—no makeup, no jewelry, no fancy clothes.

She was bleeding from cuts on her back, buttocks, and thighs.
She was relieved to clamber up the stairs to the family cabin.
She was accustomed to these spontaneous displays of exuberance.
She was mortified to realize that he knew all about her spying.


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