These visits were disappointing. Эти визиты разочаровывали (ее).


I was giving him my full attention.
I was going to bare my soul to him.
I was going to make the best of it.
I was going to need help with Theo.
I was helping you by falling apart.
I was keeping you from your dreams.
I was leaving the office one night.
I was looking at, my throat opened.
I was sitting like a tethered goat.
I was suggesting, didn’t you, Kate?
I was trying very hard to be adult.
I was waiting for her to come back?
I was watching, but he didn't wave.
I was avoiding you.
I was becoming friends with the man.
I was getting out with bears around?
I was going to have to do just that.
I was going to spell it out for her.
I was learning a lot about vampires.
I was paying him a very good salary.
I was spying on his new spring line.
I was waiting, but not for this guy.
I was willing to do what I promised.
I was asking for a new partner today.
I was being ordered around or begged.
I was creating an event for her firm.
I was doing, so I didn’t feel judged.
I was feeling a little sorry for her.
I was going, what had driven me here.
I was hanging in the air like Wile E.
I was standing in four feet of water.
I was touching loosened for a second.
I was willing to give at that moment.
I was being filmed by a hidden camera.
I was falling apart in all other ways.
I was fighting, his will against mine.
I was getting the check for his drink.
I was hoping to run into someone here.
I was kneeling over a puddle of blood.
I was making not a bad living besides.
I was spending so much time with them.
I was telling Dixon about this, right?
I was using the gym near Will’s hotel.

I was blocking his only line of escape.
I was going to go hunting for monsters?
I was going to make use of it tomorrow.

I was making the point, I have no idea.
I was mumbling to myself, but out loud.
I was standing and waved me to a chair.
I was depending entirely upon my memory.
I was glaring at Marsden with suspicion.
I was going to deliver everything I had.
I was going to present him to my family.
I was heading toward Samr’s mansion.
I was holding a double-barreled shotgun.
I was missing big chunks of information.
I was missing here, something important.
I was panting from the adrenaline surge.
I was tearing some live thing to shreds.
I was tumbling onto the living room rug.
I was dying and She had not abandoned me.
I was feeling scared, my anxiety soaring.
I was going to gain a hell of a lot more.
I was going to have to call an ambulance.
I was listening, but he continued anyway.
I was wearing from around it, and looked.
I was doing, but I can tell you one thing.
I was going to show this in mixed company.
I was going to take on Cameron's proposal.
I was looking onward into curves of water.
I was planning an instant before I did it.
I was referring to…So what about it, Jane?
I was being flayed alive, but I managed it.
I was getting really sick of defending Sam.
I was going, because I knew how she worked.
I was willing to do what we’d talked about.
I was amusing you with the story of my life.
I was noticing the exertion more than usual.
I was plotting to overthrow Sam?
I was bagging him like a butterfly collector.
I was beginning to be just a little frenzied.


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