Whichкакой, который

Which of them shall I give you? - Какую из них вам дать?

which – , может употребляться с существительными и личными местоимениями,и самостоятельно

Which was in the north wing of the house, far away and bathed entirely in darkness.
Which was no lie.
Which was only about a block or so from her house.
Which was so not normal.
Which was true.
Which was what he always said, but Olivia knew differently.
Which was what?
Which would soon be very true.
Which one?
Which ought to ensure that you do as we say,Ibe added as he rose.
Which park?
Which part?
Which priory was that?
Which prison?
Which raises another question.
Which ritual?
Which room did you give her?
Which Thursday?
Which was why I lost that creep this afternoon.
Which way are they headed now?
Which way did he go?
Which way did they go?
Which way to your bedroom?
Which would open up a spot for you?
Which you did not spend on a comfy sofa.
Which, of course, begs another question, my dear.
Whichever you pursue, you’ll be in trouble.
Why which?
You saw which way I went when I left here?
The man’s low tone was matter-of-fact, not menacing, which made it even more horrible.
The metal case which contained Sam's chemicals was not behind the stone bench where Sam had kept it.
Then you’re going to tell me which one the jefe is.
I looked at the dashboard clock, which said 11:47.
I nodded at the thing, which made him look like a high-tech coal miner.
I proceeded to the gate, which was now fully open.
Which bar?
Which begs the question where will it end?
Which bodies are you referring to?
Which box did you come to open?
Which brings me to my point.
Which combination?
Which could lead to—?
Which earthquake?
Which film was that?
Which I think I just took a little more back of this morning.
No one would look twice at the North Star, which was a good thing.
Which is why I don’t talk about it.
Which is why we’ll show the world the truth.
Which is why you get paid the medium-sized bucks.
Which is?
No one paid him any attention whatsoever, which was as it should be.
Which member?
Which of our maids brought us our sake?
It was a little harder to decide which one of us should do it.
I offer her one of my donuts, which she declines with a wrinkled nose.
I sat down in one of the soft armchairs from which I could see both men.
On the surface anyway, which was all she let anyone see.
Several beds, one of which looked as if it had been slept in recently.
So, why didn’t you buy one of these old places which are probably for sale all over?

None of the tons of equipment which had been passed through the rent

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