A girl was standing at the gate. У ворот стояла девушка.

в английском предложении порядок слов выявляет их логико-синтаксические функций (подлежащее, сказуемое и т. д.),

Англичанин сначала назовет предмет и только потом укажет на обстоятельства его существования.

There is a typewriter on my desk.

I was saying.
I was seeing.
I was trying.

I was driving.
I was falling.
I was kidding.
I was leaving.
I was missing.
I was going to Alex's house.
I was going to ask for help.
I was going to do in Act II.
I was going to give him hot.
I was going to hunt it down.
I was going to make him pay.
I was going to pay for that.
I was looking for the arrow.
I was thinking before I did.
I was waiting around at all.
I was willing to play along.
I was defusing the situation.
I was feeling sleepy and low.
I was going to get past this.
I was taking her to the mall.
I was thinking about it-hard.
I was thinking maybe I could.
I was yelling, Run, run, run.
I was going to feel shame too.
I was going to give it my all.
I was heading home to regroup.
I was keeping him up too late.
I was losing the Pickett work.
I was packing, Phil showed up.
I was willing to try anything.
I was willing to try anything.
I was beginning to get worried.

He was waiting for me to say something.
He was pointing to one of the walkers on the field.
He was running just as when I'd left him, looking strong and ready to go another lap or two.

I was having this conversation.
I was looking for some friends…
I was skulking in the corridor.
I was trying to be a good wife.
I was witnessing a mass murder.
I was filling out the paperwork.
I was having a really good time.
I was letting it go for a while.
I was fighting on the right side.
I was seeing was real-but it was.
I was driving around in a hot van.
I was getting sick of saying that.
I was going to be surrounded soon.
I was going to make of the answer.
I was going to see Frank, did you?
I was leaving for my weekend trip.
I was listening to this afternoon.
I was making my confession to him.
I was saying, but it sounded good.
I was sleeping over with a friend.
I was spending a lot of time with.
I was trying to give up rum babas.
I was walking past the front door.
I was being baited, I followed her.


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