Характеризуя глагол, наречия времени обозначают время совершения действия.

а) наречия определенного времени now - сейчас, теперь; today - сегодня, yesterday - вчера, tomorrow - завтра, then - тогда, before - раньше, прежде, at night - ночью, since - с тех пор и б) наречия неопределенного времени (или частотности): always - всегда, sometimes - иногда, ever - когда-нибудь, never - никогда, often - часто, seldom, rarely - редко, usually - обычно, already - уже, уеt - еще, уже, still - вce еще, just - только что и др.

Наречия still и yet, которые соответствуют русскому «еще». Наречие still употребляется в утвердительных предложениях, а также в вопросительных предложениях, если на них ожидается утвердительный ответ. Наречие уеt - в отрицательных предложениях, а также в вопросительных предложениях, если на них ожидается отрицательный ответ. Сравните:

It’s snowing still.

Are your children still at school? –Yes, they’re.

Снег (все) еще идет.

Ваши дети еще в школе? – Да.

She doesn’t know about the boy yet.

Have you seen John yet? - No, I haven’t.

Она еще не знает о мальчике.

Ты еще не видел Джона? – Нет.

He always did.
He always had.
He always had been.
He always resisted.
He always leaves a box.
He always leaves it undone.
He always had a full magazine.
He always beat the pants off me.
He always knows where I am, too.
He always has been, you know that.
He always finished what he started.
He always kept his cool during sex.
He always knew the weather forecast.
He always wanted to try this ghost thing.
He always had to get his thoughts in order.
He always kept a jerry can of gas and got that out, too.
He always had a hard-on that wouldn’t quit at the end of an op.
He always knew, could always instantly see any item out of its place.
He always seemed to her to be so self-contained, not ever needing human warmth.
He always blamed it on being short, but most of the girls in town were afraid of him.
He always carried the key to a getaway car no one knew about, a secret cell phone and several credit cards.
He always had some hot cause or other, some iniquity to expose, and he had turned his attention to the University.
He always explained things clearly, and he wasn't intimidated by her technical knowledge, unlike various other associates she'd worked with.
He always knew to be tight-lipped about that kind of thing-you never knew how something innocuous could get distorted and amplified in the retelling.
He always bought them here so he didn’t have to carry them all the way, and he found the daughter of the owner at the counter dressed in a long nightie, as had become the fashion.
He always had a goofy joke to tell me, and he even gave me an iPod already loaded with a bunch of neat music and super-good earbuds, but that was just to—” She stopped and bit her lip.


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