Обстоятельственные предложения причины отвечают на вопрос why? почему? и присоединяются к главному предложению союзами: because потому что; since поскольку, так как; as так как

Ответь на вопросы.

Why did you?
Why do you ask?
why did you call?
Why did you do it?
Why didn’t anyone?
Why do you think-?
Why do you think-”
Why didn’t they GO!
Why do you want me?
Why does he want it?
Why did you come back?
Why did you pull away?
Why didn't he call me?
Why do I have to come?
Why did you stain them?
Why didn’t you warn me?
Why does Maria like it?
Why did you leave there?
Why didn’t he just stay?
Why do you want to know?
Why didn't he keep going?
Why didn't you tell them?
Why didn’t I think of it?
Why didn’t you tell Jack?
Why did you tell him that?
Why didn’t you come before?
Why do you have to stop it?
Why do you need to do this?
Why didn't he just tell her?
Why do they always ask that?
Why do you think we’re here?
Why does he like you better?
Why don't we search for her?
Why did you kill your family?
Why didn’t you want me to go?
Why do you keep pestering me?
Why don't we sit by the fire?
Why didn't you go back for it?
Why didn't I feel as threatened?
Why didn’t I think of it sooner?
Why does love feel like hiccups?
Why does my head hurt like this?
Why didn’t she come to the front?
Why didn’t the monster attack her?
Why didn’t you tell me about this?
Why do you think he wanted a room?
Why does he have them and not you?
Why doesn’t he use his flashlight?
Why didn’t the guards keep him out?
Why did you cut a hole in the fence?
Why didn't one of the teachers do it?
Why didn’t she just knock him around?
Why do you keep asking about fairies?
Why do you think my friend is coming?
Why do you think I am writing a novel?
Why did you get into your line of work?
Why does this seem to be getting worse?
Why didn't you get in touch with anyone?
Why do you deserve special dispensation?
Why do you want to torture me with that?
Why did you eat it if it was beneath you?
Why didn’t you serve us this with dinner?
Why do you need to believe I'm the enemy?
Why doesn’t this Pharaohn come after you?
Why do you think someone would target you?
Why do you think he’s putting you on trial?
Why do they think I can do something for them?
Why do you think they want to be paid in cash?
Why didn’t she just get a pit bull to watch Phil?
Why do they seem to go away when I'm in my truck?
Why did you have to get out of the Sacred Mission?
Why do you think I can go on lending at this rate?
Why didn’t he want to discuss the case any further?
Why do you think I killed him off at the end, anyway?
Why do you think the government is interested in you?
Why do you want us to believe you killed your family?
Why does she keep having these dreams about Whileaway?
Why didn’t you tell me you were the queen of Parker’s Ridge?
Why do they feel that somehow they can get to you through me?
Why do you think I ditched the dance gig at my first opportunity?
Why don't you go and pour yourself a decent drink from my cupboard.
Why do you seem a bit more freaked out about them than Edward’s kind?
Why didn't you stick it in the fucking oven then, you miserable old bitch?
Why didn’t he have three hands so he could undress himself at the same time?
Why does this administration want to go to war with a country that hasn’t done us any harm?
As it is wet, we shall stay at home -- Так как на улице сыро, мы останемся дома.


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