and и, a; as well as так же как и; neither .. .nor ни ... ни; bat но; not only ... but also не только ... но также и


I never slept.
I never saw them.
I never used that.
I never wanted it.
I never even saw 'em!
I never looked at his.
I never saw her there.
I never saw him again.
I never heard about it.
I never saw them again.
I never lived here then.
I never use it,” I said.
I never know what to say.
I never carry enough ammo.
I never have figured it out.
I never saw Kate at Sal’s.
I never had the money before.
I never thought I’d find out.
I never went to a university.
I never been so exited before.
I never considered going back.
I never wanted to be like her.
I never heard from Eddie again.
I never mix with them off-duty.
I never really thought Rob was.
I never noticed that before you.
I never saw anyone move so fast.
I never took the selection board.
I never did like the sound of him.
I never got to ask you about that.
I never intended to hurt her anyway.
I never had any clue he’d been a cop.
I never said they would not transform.
I never get around to buying any myself.
I never had any clue he was Leah’s father.
I never realized…” I let the words drift off.
I never should have let you get away with it.
I never knew so many things came in camouflage.
I never felt anything more wonderful in my life.
I never knew whether to call her Mrs Lange or Gerda.
I never mind taking anything one bid beyond a dealer.
I never owned up to wanting the stardom part, though.
I never said that before, and I’m sorry for that too.
I never see any of my friends when I go to the Grill.
I never want to see it or touch it or smell it again.
I never would have picked you out as a night shopper.
I never did figure out what that was supposed to mean.
I never told you our legends and fables, witches’ lore.
I never would have gotten into a car with you otherwise.
I never leave the house without my gun in my computer bag.
I never even attended the esbats, let alone the sabbats or—"
I never expected her to fall all over you in less than a day.
I never knew when she was serious and when she was goading me.
I never got used to the speedy effects of the heat and humidity.
I never heard the term before you and the undergrounders used it.
I never thought you could do it; I never thought I’d see you again.
I never wanted to be the envious girl who couldn’t handle past loves.
I never would have seen the resemblance based on that little picture.
I never told her or the others because I knew they’d think I was a freak.
I never would have even believed Sanders was capable of behaving like that.
I never became a model citizen, but I did cut out most of the bad-seed crap.
I never told you this, in the morning it had seemed too silly to talk about.
I never wanted to make a career of it and I’ve only kept up my moves as an amateur.
I never was a fancy cook, but I loved tying an apron around my waist and feeding people.
I never really trust drinking water anywhere but Scotland; and I've never been to Scotland.


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