Если подлежащее выражено местоимением, глагол- связка занимает место после подлежащего
  • I was glad of his help, slight as it was. -- Я был рад его помощи, хотя она была и незначительной.


Sam asked me, Is that it?
Kate asked me, What’s that about?
I asked, Was that a tough question?
Levelly he asked, 'Is that any use?
I asked, of course, And where is that?
He asked her about that.
I asked, What happened after that?
You asked if I loved someone like that.
Sam laughed and asked, Did he buy that?
She asked me, Where did you get that van?
He asked me, Wasn’t that your reaction?
Mayfield, then asked us, Will that be all?
I’ve often asked myself that very question.
Kate asked me, Why do we want to know that?
He asked, rhetorically, How good is that?
Sam asked, Is that what you’re looking for?
I asked Sam, ‘Who was that rude fellow?
I agreed with that and asked, So, who was it?
I asked, Why is that difficult… or expensive?
Is that about the time he asked you to dinner?
Will stared after it and asked, What was that?
I already asked her that,Hoshina interrupted.
Lorna understood and asked that question aloud.
He asked me, What is your interest in that file?
I'd asked myself that already and got no answer.
he asked, annoyed that he sounded so… annoyed.
He asked Sam, How would you prevent that from happening?
He asked me to sell them so that the estate would be tied up.
He looked at me and asked, Would you agree with that, John?
He processed that, then asked me, What sort of physical abuse?
She thought it was strange that you asked for a personnel list.
Therefore, he asked that the sosakan-sama investigate his death.
Yesterday you asked why that man tried to kill me six years ago.
I gave him the plate number from memory and asked, Is that it?
She didn’t comment on that, but asked, Did they get a conviction?
Schaeffer asked me, What do you think you’d find on that property?
As I drove, I asked Kate, What did you put in that e-mail to Sam?
He asked Kate, What did you do after you performed that evening?
Nick had known that the answer to his unasked question would be yes.
He asked for a Christian burial service, and that is why we are here.
He told me once he loved my mom and asked me if I was okay with that.
I sat up on the couch and asked, What the hell do they need that for?
She thought about that and asked me, Do you think he had an accident?
He ignored that, and I asked him, Hey, what’s with the price of oil?
She took a deep breath and asked the question that was haunting her.
I added, He’ll have some of the information that I asked for tonight.
Amenemhab did not respond at first, then asked, What does that tell you?


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