Обстоятельственные условные предложения присоединяются к главному предложению союзами: if если; unless если не; provided (that), providing (that), on condition (that) при условии если, при условии что; in case (that) в случае если; supposing (that), suppose (that) если, если бы, в случае.


He asked me if I knew who he was.
She asked if I knew where you are.
You asked if I loved someone like that.
He asked her if she had anything to say.
I asked Fiona if she wanted me to drive.
I asked you if you wanted another drink.
I wouldn’t marry him even if he asked me.
Shane asked, as if reading my thoughts.
He asked me the other night if I knew you.
I asked him to let me know if you were okay.
I asked her if she would see me – afterwards.
Dad asked kindly, as if talking to a child.
He asked her if he could give her a ride home.
I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to know.
I asked the nursing home if you could see him.
What would you have done if I’d asked you to stay?
He asked if I was willing to do what we’d talked about.
An older woman wandering past asked if I needed a drink.
I asked Kobori if he’d given the man the touch of death.
He walked over, asked if he could talk to her for a sec.
Kate asked me, Do you know if Tom will be in today?
I asked, And what if these security people searched him?
He asked Wanda if he could borrow her phone for a moment.
Maybe she shouldn’t have asked if Nick could come with her.
The screen prompt asked if I wanted to view recorded video.
called me and asked if they could run a story that was thin.
I wondered if Nana had asked the previous owners about shots.
So I phoned them and asked if he was staying there.
And he asked you if you liked opera and you said yes you did.
I’m sure Professor would swear an oath if you asked him.
He asked me if I could find out when it was coming on the market.
She asked Tom if he wanted coffee or wine but she didn't ask me.
I called Kate and asked if it was OK if I came a few days early.
He told me once he loved my mom and asked me if I was okay with that.
I asked Senior X if there was anything he needed me to do.
I asked her if she’d met Sam, the name of Alyssa’s brother.
You asked the guards if they saw or heard anything unusual last night?
One morning my aunt asked me if I’d like to come help out at the store.
They asked if they could search the car, and I had no reason to refuse.
I’d just asked her if that person would have access to the subject list.


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