Не promised to help us and he did. => Он обещал помочь нам, и помог.


I don’t need to do it again.
I don’t want to do it either.
I don’t like to do it outdoors.
I don’t know that I will be able to do it justice,” she admits.
I don’t want to talk too much like a priest, Sam, but you really can’t do it like that.
they don’t seem to do it now) and because the sun never shone there, and they were cooled by farts.
Okay, we don’t need a search anymore, though I’m ready to do it anyway just to mess with Sam.
I was going to have to do it myself.
That’s why we have to do it ourselves.
She was going to have to do it herself.
But she doesn’t have to do it so loudly.
You have to be able to do it without using your eyes.
This is all we have to do, but we’ve got to do it right.
If it wouldn’t have put you in danger, I’d do it again.
I’m glad, because I would have been tempted to do it myself.
I wouldn’t have to do it on my watch.
Now I’d have to see if I could do it myself and hope it wasn’t so permanent this time.
I was doing this far too often, but it appeared I would have to do it a few more times.
We’ll have to do it the hard way and go to his house, instead of catching him on the street.
He probably would have made you drive someplace where he could do it and get rid of the body.
His instincts told him that if he was going to get out of this mess, he would have to do it himself.
If certain people wish to attack me, they’ll have to do it themselves instead of relying on Kate.
I supposed I'd have to do it but I knew she'd find a way of making me look a bloody fool while doing so.
The creature does not do it deliberately, consistently, or both your other bodies would have risen also.
The easiest way to do that is to create apparent this phenomena yourself—or have a confederate do it for you.
Like the doctors say, we can do it with each other but you can't because you don't have nothing to do it with, do you?
This shan’t be fun and we’ll have to do it right here, since I can start the spell under this one, where he can’t see it.
That’s a big one, if he’s going to have to do it again to get back in the country undetected, because the feds will have tagged his passport for sure.
If he wanted to talk, he was going to have to do it to a semi-comatose woman, because she was way too comfortable to pay attention to whatever he wanted to say.
Worse, now that I’d jammed the garage-door opener, I was going to have to do it soon, before the janitor decided to go out to dinner or another game.


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