Whatчто, какой


What did I do to deserve this?
What had Mother done?
What he was saying sank in then.
What I saw on the screen shocked me-pictures of obviously drunk girls hanging on boys and revealing more skin than an elephant in a bikini.
What in her mind had been a shrill scream escaped from her throat in a hoarse whisper.
What kinds of creams?
What more could they possibly do?
What the hell?
You know what a difficult position I’m in,he shouted.
You know what a nondisclosure agreement is, Jane?
You know what Bear did one time?
You know what cryogenics is?
You know what fire and ice make?
You know what happened to him.
You know what happened to the missing skin?
You know what I am?
You know what I mean.
You know what I need?
You know what I’m talking about,I said.
You know what she came for?
You know what she won’t do.
You know what they say about assuming.
You know what they say: ‘Take heart.
You know what this is, right?
You know what would help me?
What is that supposed to mean?
What is that?
What is the color of a cerulean warbler?
What is the connection?
What is the devil, really?
What is the downside of going there for dinner?
What is the message?
What is the nature of your business?
What is the operation, anyway?
What is the plan for today?
What is the root of man?
What is the urgency with this surveillance?
What is this about?
What is this crap?
What is this place?
What is this ring?
What is this thing?
What is this?
What is true is that I want a piece of that sonofabitch before anyone else gets to him.
What is up the tunnel?
What is wrong with you?
What is your actual status on this case?
What is your answer?
What is your full name?
What is your name?
What I’m feeling.
What I’m sure of is that you didn’t passionate conviction.
What I’ve come to tell you is that I’ve had a talk with a friend of yours.
What I’ve put you through?
What I’ve told you should be enough to occupy you for a while.
What just happened?
What killed him?
What kind of accent does it have?
What kind of an accident …?
You let me know what else you need.
You may rely on him to do what is best.
You mean after what you did.
You mean you might actually do what you were falsely accused of doing-betray Tom?
You might start by telling me what you discovered about Sam’s widow.
You need rest after what you went through today.
You need to know what august company you are in.
You never know what kind of story these people can cook up.
You never know what they're up to.
What makes you say that?
What makes you so sure William Kelman’s my problem?
What makes you think he didn’t?
What makes you think you can command me?
What makes you think you could do any better than I?
You will once you meet me and hear what just happened.
You will tell me what’s wrong, sooner or later,Dana said.
You’re the one who spilled the whole story because you wanted to brag to Lady X about what you did to her.
You’re what?
what do you say?


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