Действие, относящееся к будущему, которое сопровождается придаточными предложениями времени или условия (либо время или условие подразумеваются):I’m sure Sam will keep you on if you want.- Я уверен, Сэм поддержит тебя, если ты захочешь.


She will die if you do not act quickly!
Everything comes if a man will only wait
You will fail if you are merely altruistic.
You will both be safer if you aren’t here.
I’m sure Sam will keep you on if you want.
It will dry if you move, Dad’s voice told her.
I don't know what will happen to you if it does.
And what will happen to them if you do not return?
You will forgive me if I don’t shake hands with you.
But it will only take a few calls to confirm if Dr.
My sister will kick my ass if anything happens to you.
I’m sure the police will see to that if you go to them.
Go there and see if they will welcome you with open arms.
But if Webster dies now, his death will overshadow my case.
Pedro and his son will make more on the boat if you want it.
At last she said, If you forbid me, I will honor your wishes.
And you will proceed to the next round if you are thusly fated.
Even if you manage to kill the SEALS, I will set my own course.
He's waiting to hear if Paris will release you into my custody.
What will happen if the shogun dies and you don’t succeed him?
The bears will die if I don’t save their munaqsri,” Cassie said.
That is the thing that will drive you to despair if I tell you Mr.
I wish to show you what you will leave behind if you return home.
Tell her if she chips one of those plates I will cut out her heart.
I don’t know if our captain will allow it,” the older boy volunteers.
It will take days to get through all this, even if we had more people.
And do you know what will happen if you don't live up to that agreement?
Believe me, I will tell you everything, and I will protect you if I can.
The contest will prove whether she is worthy and will dismiss her if she isn't.
If you try to turn me round, if you try any tricks at all, I will blow you away.
It's master will snatch it back and use it if he can and I can't let that happen.
You have a world to balance, and if you do, Beverley will inherit a better place.


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