Действие, которое будет происходить в определенный момент в будущем:

I will be writing a letter at 7 o’clock. Я буду писать письмо в 7 часов;

Действие, которое будет протекать в тот момент, когда произойдет другое действие:

He will be writing a letter when I come. — Он будет писать письмо , когда я приду;

Параллельные действия в будущем: I will be writing a letter while he will be looking through the newspaper. — Я буду писать письмо , пока он будет просматривать газету.

I will be charming.
Katie will be waiting.
But I will be talking to you.
Sal will be chomping at the bit.
Ben will be having kittens by now.
Kate will be staying, after all.
And I will be waiting in the car.
The crowd will be getting restless.
The police will be looking for you.
Charles will be waiting for you there.
No one will be looking at the bride’s aunt.
The wedding guests will be passing by soon.
Most of the staff will be evacuating as well.
Yes, but Katel will be dancing at the casino.
A man will be coming with new documents for you.
Buckland will be looking for you in your Mazda.
It will be interesting to find out, if I survive.
A driver will be coming for me.
I myself will be leaving at the end of the month.
Well, at least one of us will be smiling tomorrow.
Your desk will be waiting for you when you get back.
He concluded, I will be dining at the White House.
Some will be trying to find out how to exploit it, yeah.
If you don’t, my next stop after 26 Fed will be Washington.
Your mother will be tearing her hair out with all the kids.
Well, no one else will be coming in today, not in this weather.
First and Second Platoons will be taking part in the main landings.
When this is over, the vampires will be taking her with them.
Your wife’s alarm will be going off in less than two and a half hours.
You will be trying to clean their toilets and even then they won’t want you.
You will be feasting tomorrow night while Karina and I eat nothing but bread.
I need to shut my eyes for a while, and the two of you will be talking in here.
The plane will be waiting for you at the executive terminal on Rurn Avenue.
He added, Agents from Albany and from here will be joining you tonight or tomorrow.
And unless you’ve made good on my little contract, you-know-who will be coming for it.
But the FBI will be investigating an assault on a Federal agent, which is a Federal crime.
About twenty hours from now, the waning moon will be shining through those skylights again.

Whether the others involved will be willing to corroborate this sequence of events, I don't know.
All five polar bear nations are participating, but we are the ones who will be combining the data.
I assume you will be coming back for the auction," he added, eyeing the paddle peeking out of my bag.
Plus one other who will be losing his allowance for the rest of his life to pay for what he just broke.
And speaking of rhinos, Tom and Kate will be waiting dinner on me and we'd all like it if you would come, too.


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