very => очень; little => мало; much => много; quite => вполне

at last => наконец; at least => по крайней мере; at first => сначала; in vain => напрасно

Используй в предложениях наречия

The senior elder has requested that I investigate his death.
But your study has attracted the attention of a dangerous man.
He replied, True, but the nature of the enemy has changed.
It seems that, ahh, an eternity has passed since we last met.
Part of the roofline of the building next door has disappeared.
Since you were last here, my grandmother has moved in with me.
It has gotten dark while we were talking and the game has ended.
She has pestered Sam repeatedly about trading away the vodka.
In fact, her hunger has vanished, but she says it nonetheless.
The definition of a 'beast' has caused controversy for centuries.
Tell us how your investigation has exonerated me of both crimes.
Especially one that has conspired with you to bear false evidence.
She carefully wipes away dust that has settled along the top edge.
The rest generally flee and try to hide, denying what has happened.
Do you know how much our share has jumped since I broke the story?
I want you to know your tormentor has received justice at long last.
My husband has asked me to think who might have a grudge against me.
But Sam has resisted all our attempts to win him over.
He suspects foul play and has asked me to investigate.
So far as she can tell, very little has changed since her last visit.
The knowledge of those holes and cracks has helped me out many times.

Something has happened that puts us both in more danger than before.
In fact, she has wondered if perhaps she should tell Orbeli about Anya.

At Christmas you read my fortune in the Tarot, and it has proved true.
No, no; I want that manuscript before anybody else has monkeyed with it.
What he has received at my hand is a thousandfold less than he deserves.
Yerko has demanded, and received, a purchase-price from Arthur, in gold.
I was going to forward it to you, but the postwoman has stopped coming.
The team has reached the tree blind where the broken camera was posted.


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