to fetch => принести / привезти (отправиться отсюда в другое место и вернуться опять сюда с чем-либо/кем-либо)


I’ll fetch it.
I’ll fetch him.
So I fetched Tom.
He fetched his tea.
Shall I fetch them?
Shall I go fetch him?
I’m fetching drinks.
You fetched the police?
I’ll play fetch with you.
She fetched the sweaters.
Which wasn’t farfetched( надуманный).
I fetched her torn sleeve.
Now, fetch your bag, dear.
And I must fetch my husband.
He shouted, Fetch a doctor!
I must fetch one immediately.
Sam fetched his record book.
Would you please fetch Barnaby?
You can fetch your own dinner.
Do you want me to fetch him back?
Sam had gone down to the cafeteria to fetch them all more coffee.
That seems a little farfetched,Sam.
She fetched a candle from a wall sconce.
I should let her know which key to fetch.
The more he thought about it, the more far-fetched it felt.
First we’ll fetch reinforcements.
Sam, please fetch me a magnifying lens.
I would have to go fetch him and who knows what I’d miss?
Fetch him,Sam told an attendant.
I’ve done, but only to fetch and carry and pay.
He fetched the kettle from the stove and poured tea into the flower.


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