Герундий обозначает действие как название процесса и поэтому всегда отвечает на вопросы существительного (что? / с чем? / от чего? / на чем? / для чего? / ...).

to fetch => принести / привезти (отправиться отсюда в другое место и вернуться опять сюда с чем-либо/кем-либо)

I didn’t have to fetch the thing to know the texture and shape of the missing page would match that of his final note.
But I didn’t mean you should fetch, I mean, you’re…and that would be…you know.
Of course I was going to fetch them, but I didn’t have a chance.
They will have to fetch water to prepare the body and then find something to wrap it in.
What you need is a real man… someone to teach you how to fetch and carry like a good wife.
My mother frowned but surprised me by just going away to fetch another box and not arguing.
A lot of bags to fill; a lot of fetching and carrying.
Kate, would you mind running down and fetching Sam?
He bustled around, setting out cups, fetching his best sake, enjoying himself while acting nervous.
That morning there had been other things to surprise him more: items ignored and items fetching three or four times their estimates.
The stone walls supported a collection of mechanical contrivances that looked, at first glance, like a fantastic device for catching mice or fetching objects from the tops of the vaults.
He had, with the uncanny nimbleness of a forest-dwelling monkey, flashed across a precarious path of girders, until he reached the supply elevators, erected by the workmen on the outside of the building for fetching up materials.


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