Roughly speaking, I do not like him at all. => Грубо говоря, он мне вовсе не нравится.


I can’t just tell you that.
I did everything you asked.
I didn’t have to ask twice.
I didn’t see any neighbors.
I don’t have pots and pans.
I don’t wish to coerce you.
I guess I deserve that one.
I guess you can never tell.
I had an argument with Tom.
I had no idea he was there.
I had no knowledge of this.
I had tickets in my pocket.
I have some of your things.
I have—some special skills.
I just buried Kate’s ashes.
I just want to take a look.
I know Rome very well, yes.
I know where Tom is.
I miss having a man around.
I never asked you to do it.
I ran into Lady Kate.
I see better in this stuff.
I stabbed her, eight times.
I suppose we’ll never know.
I sure am, psychologically.
I thought I passed Kate.
I want to see what happens.
I was fortunate to be here.
I was just here for dinner.
Is he for it or against it?
Is it because he kissed me?
Is the sheriff around here?
Is there anything I can do?
Isn’t that so, Grandfather?
It doesn’t change the deal!
It eats through tree roots?
It feels like it broke off.
It is magical entanglement.
It is my life you speak of.
It isn’t meant to be, Tree.
It was Thailand, wasn't it?
It was a mistake,” he said.
It was a pretty normal day.
It was the only lead I had.
It was you,- she whispered.
It won’t be the first time.
It's not really you, is it?

It’s a nickname,- she says.
It’s fascinating, isn’t it?
It’s fast,” Quinton panted.
It’s just a matter of time.
It’s normal the first time.
It’s woods music,- he said.
I’ll pay her another visit.


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