loudly => громко; quickly => быстро; slowly => медленно; well => хорошо

at last => наконец; at least => по крайней мере; at first => сначала; in vain => напрасно

sometimes => иногда; anyway => как-нибудь; however => однако

вставь одно из наречий, громко трижды произнеси предложение

But believe me, it matters.
But fiscally irresponsible.
But he wasn’t really there.
But it usually does to you.
But not hard to understand.
But this is more memorable.
But what if Sam is a thief?
Can you tell us who she is?
Can you wait just a minute?
Find something interesting?

First sobriety test, ma’am.
First thing in the morning.
For now, we assume nothing.
For the sake of discussion.
Get those canoes overboard.
Give it a few more minutes.
Give me an excuse to shoot.
Give or take a few decades.
Goddamn it, this is insane!
Greetings, Your Excellency.
Had your eyes been popping?
Has he done something else?
Has he tattooed you before?
Have you ever seen a ghost?
He did,” she said hoarsely.
He is not being implicated.

He must be ill,” Sano said.
He saw my car at Kate’s.
He thought it was nonsense.

Help me read these records?

His prints should be there.
Hot as the hinges.
Tom, we have a problem.
How badly was she bleeding?
How can I assist you today?
It was hard to say.
So hard to be alone.
It was hard to speak.
It was hard to think.
It’s hard to explain.
It was hard to breathe.
is so hard to tell now.
It was so hard to focus.
But it was hard to focus.
I found it hard to speak.
It’s just hard to believe.
It can be hard to work with.
But not hard to understand.
He dropped hard to his knees.
It was so hard to be patient!
He made it hard to refuse him.
It's hard to live with ghosts.
It was surprisingly hard to do.
Just so hard to see him suffer.
It was hard to sort one ache from another.
It was hard to breathe, and she felt dizzy.
Not that Caroline’s locks were hard to pick.
You know, it's hard to remember details now.
Her chest was so tight it was hard to breathe.
It’s hard to keep a secret in Edo,Sano said.
It was not hard to tell where that came from.
I would have to work very hard to land this one.
Did that get his attention?
Do most teenagers have any?
Do you know something else?
Does Chamberlain Sano know?
Does she live with anybody?
Does that book have a cure?
Done feeding the beast, eh?
Don’t be a crass fool, Sim.
Don’t be coy, Miss Alcmedi.
Don’t cry, Gran,” she says.
Don’t miss,” she whispered.
Don’t undress, just get in.
Eight times in the abdomen.
Especially for the parrots.
How did you catch this one?
How did you get this phone?
How did you know it was me?
How do you keep doing this?
How do you want to do this?
How long has she been gone?
How many troops do we have?
How may I be of assistance?
How will I know who she is?
That would be pretty hard to take.
It’s just hard to put a term to it.
Her neck was stiff, hard to my touch.
It was so hard to be patient, though.
It’s hard to see my mother like that.
It made their movements hard to track.
It was even hard to keep her eyes open.
Yeah, but you were pretty hard to see.
Not hiring him would be hard to justify.
The life she’d worked so hard to create.
The possession of money is hard to hide.
We worked really hard to keep him alive.
Well, it would be hard to explain, then.


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