I can see nobody here. => Я здесь никого не вижу.


What's the process, exactly?
What’s the other assignment?
When was this hunting party?
Which one was I looking for?
Who else had the connection?
Who knows why things happen?
Who the fuck was he calling?
Who's cheating on his taxes?
Whose was the Wild Mind now?
Why are the shoes important?
Why did you ask for it back?
Why didn't he just tell her?
Why do they always ask that?
Why does he like you better?
Why don’t you chat with Mrs.
Why had the bears saved her?
Why was I going out tonight?
Why was he telling her this?
Why was she at the hospital?
Why was the boy still alive?
Wind rustled the ice leaves.
With the lights came voices.
Without training, who knows?
Would I ever kiss her again?
Would this be the last time?
You are a very foolish girl.
You are not a customer here.
You can't rush these things.
You cancel them, reschedule.
You could see the guys spit.
You don’t even want us here.
You have barely glimpsed it.
You have nowhere else to go?
You have the perfect excuse.
You have to promise me that.
You just lost your leverage.
You know what Frank is like.
You look absolutely ghastly.
You must get up, my darling.
You must have some relative?
You realize what this means.
You wanted Deeds to see you?
You won't last the distance.
You would only slow us down.
You're saying I disappeared?
You're worse than an animal.
Your days here are numbered.
Your hand is hot on my skin.
Your secret is safe with me.
Your wife was not consulted.


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