I'm awfully hungry / thirsty. => Я ужасно голоден / хочу пить


This had been their pattern.
This investigation bugs you?
This is my career, you know?
This is my husband, Sam.
This is my torment, my gift.
This is not happening to us.
This is not such a bad town.
This is what he was good at.
This meeting never happened.
This new, painful bombshell.
This proves it is all right.
This room was somehow worse.
This spell’s almost used up.
This technology has promise.
This they didn’t understand.
This time I didn’t hesitate.
This time he’d get it right.
This time she didn’t resist.
This time she’d be believed.
This time we’re missing one.
This was Jacob Conti’s turf.
This was happening too fast.
This was truly the big time.
This was why he had retired.
Those people work like that.
To his surprise she laughed.
To my surprise, she quieted.
Was he hoping for something?
Was this another booby trap?
Was this what gentlemen did?

We actually have four nukes.
We all looked blank at this.
We can test it out tomorrow.
We can’t just guess at this.
We didn't want to push hard.
We didn’t start any of this.
We eased into the vestibule.
We had trust issues already.
We must go together, Sam.
We need him to try on suits.
We stopped beside the Rover.
We were talking years, here.
We weren’t supposed to tell.
We will be free at last to .
What a busybody the man was!
What are those colors again?
What are you accusing me of?
What did Carol say?
What did she want me to ask?
What does Pete want from me?
What does the law even mean?
What else was I wrong about?
What if she wasn’t very wet?
What is your relation to Sam.
What pieces they liked best.
What sort of girl was Kate?
What the hell just happened?
What was appropriate to say?
What was left of it, anyway.
What was she supposed to do?
What was ten million to him?
What was up with Dana’s Tim?


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