смысловое различиe между this и that. This употребляется, когда речь идет о людях и предметах, физически близких к говорящему, и о ситуациях, соответствующих моменту говорения. This соотносимо с here - здесь и now - сейчас. That употребляется, когда речь идет о людях, предметах и ситуациях, удаленных от говорящего во времени или пространстве. Thаt соотносимо с – there - там и then - тогда. Сравните:

Get this cat off my shoulder. - Сними этого кота с моего плеча.

Get that cat off the piano. - Сними этого кота с пианино.

That was nice. - Это было здорово.

This will be interesting. - Это будет интересно.

в русском языке различие между this и that не передается.


This art was way outside any rules governing commerce.
This blessing didn’t compensate for the other repercussions that Sam’s victory and Tom’s downfall threatened for him.
This one’s warm.
This course is the only chance you have.
This didn’t make any difference.
This evening he was feeling hungry, quite definitely; and just after finishing his second pint of beer (still no cigarette!)
This file was completely Xed out.
This first.
This got me thinking that he, who had once obtained American ELF codes, may have obtained the Russian ELF codes.
This guy certainly fit the part of some sort of global manipulator.
This guy was connected to WEC.
This guy, he’d spent a lot of time refining his hypotheses, and if you pointed out that gravity doesn’t seem to care how you look at it, he’d say that it wasn’t a one-to-one correspondence, consciousness was obviously more flexible than truth, and so you.
This guy’s got his own army.
This had to be done.
This man is just confused.
This man is obsessive.
This man was not a simple stranger.
This is among friends.
This is different.
This is merely the entrance.
This is my family now.
This is my half of the deal…”
This is my kind.
This is neither of those.
This is not something I can fake.
This is not the case of a woman who surprises her lover in bed with her rival.
This is not truly life, boy.
This is personal, Kate.
This is pretty strange stuff to be going through on your own.
This is the place; I’d bet my life on it.
This is too solemn, and here come the shrimps.
This isn't either!
This isn’t a government committee.
This isn’t a polite meeting of the Council.
This isn’t even close to being the same thing…”
This isn’t the best place.
That does it.
That explains it.
That includes you.
That is correct.
That is insane.
That is true.
That it has.
That makes sense.
That may not work out in this case,I reminded him.
That scares you.
That sounds right.
That three-hole-punch thing.
That was aggressive.
That was brave.
That was fantastic.
That was implied.
That was quick.
That was Reina.
That was smart.
That was useless.
That won’t happen.
That won’t help.
That would work.
That’s the fifth time this month.
Thank you for that assurance.
That’s the reason I’ve been pushing you for this big wedding.
That’s what this place is for.
That’s where I’m going this weekend.
That’s your job this week.
So, what you’re saying is that this man Tom.
So,she resumes, the artist was saying to us that this isn’t really about a Sam.
This guy in London told me it was standard procedure for a person like that.
They probably scouted regularly around that makeshift clinic.
They weren’t here this morning, trust me on that.
They wouldn’t hesitate to do that to you.
They’ll verify that we rode home this morning.
This bedding is so clean, fresh, smooth that I doubt Sam slept in it.
Yes, it is all that matters to you anymore, this book.
That startled me.
That’s how it translates; as for what it meant, though, that was trickier.
the son replied as if he wasn’t sure that was acceptable.
But you didn’t hear that from me.
you put that cup down, because I won’t have incest in this house!
She laughed at this argument that he recognized as a last resort.
She spoke in a terse tone that indicated this visit would be short.
She was so incensed by this preposterous advice that he lost self-control sputtered with rage.
She was so puzzled by this odd reaction that he also halted.


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