You look terribly beautiful. => Ты выглядишь ужасно / очень красивой.


There are no words for this.
There are voices in my head.
There could be no witnesses.
There just isn’t much blood.
There must be more munaqsri.
There was Thad; there was I.
There was a Hotmail account.
There was a beat of silence.
There was a moment of quiet.
There was little else to do.
There was more, Sam knew it.
There was no need for words.
There was no question of it.
There was no sign of Tom.
There was no visible weapon.
There was no way of telling.
There was something to that.
There were accusations made.
There were no preliminaries.
There were risks either way.
These islands are too small.
Then he followed the others.
Then he looked at his Board.
Then he snapped his fingers.
Then we had the poltergeist.
They all pulled on the hats.
They all thought I was easy.
They both shook their heads.
They came here two days ago.
They carried hunting rifles.
They gave him pitying looks.
They just do what they want.
They just wore better suits.
They kennel, so all is well.
They look after the animals.
They looked insolently back.
They parked and went inside.
They say it in cowboy films.
They were not stamp dealers.
They were taking no chances.
They would feel responsible.
They would have believed us.

They’d reached his compound.
They’ll all get the message.
They’re under us, right now.

Think anyone else suspected?


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