The weather is horrible. => Погода просто ужасная.


The bed was melting.
The ceiling was low.
The computer dinged.
They're holding him.
They’re moving away.
They’re talking now.
They’s like fingers.
This is interesting.
This thing's a mess.
This wasn’t working.
Those things happen.
We were negotiating.
We're getting close!
We’re getting close.
What was I thinking?
What was that thing?
What were you doing?
What’m I picking up?
When are you coming?
Where are you going?
Who’s going to know?
Who’s watching them?
You doing all right?
You up to something.
You were being evil.
Your crawling slave,
You’re going to bed.
You’re going to die.
You’re losing blood.
You’re overreacting.
I’m not going back.
I’m working a case.
I’m writing a book.
Let me keep trying.
Looking for Donner.
Missing from where?
Need anything else?
Nothing even drips.
Nothing’s happened.
On a lot of things.
Absolutely nothing.
Altering molecules.
And one more thing.
And you’re smiling.
Anything to report?
Anything what?
Asking myself what?
Did I say anything?
Everything matters.
Funny timing, that.

He knows something.
I forgot something.
I should get going.
Insinuating claims.
Is it a Grey thing?
Is something funny?
Is something wrong?
I’m counting on it.
I’m going with you!


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