Is this all your own work? => Это все ты сам сделал?


What are we doing?
What damned thing?
What is happening?
What is she doing?
What is this ring?
What other things?
What was he doing?
Why’s he watching?
You are not going?
You got something?
You still writing?
You’re burning up.
You’re hurting me.
You’re kidding me.
You’re leaving me?
You’re not coming?
I am doing my job.
It’s just ringing.
You’re hurting me.
A depressing future.
Air…nothing but air.
And he’s doing this?
Any missing persons?
Are you standing by?
A—a snuffling sound.
Be seeing you, then.
Boyle began singing.
Bring me up to date.
But he was going on.
But it isn’t ending.
But we have nothing.
Buttons went flying.
He handed me a ring.
He held up a finger.
He hummed, thinking.
He is still talking.
He knew the feeling.
He told you nothing.
He was staring, too.
He wasn’t breathing.
He wasn’t listening.
Helping you hold on.
He’d said something.
He’s done something.
His mind was racing.
How are you feeling?
I am losing my grip.
I can see it coming.
I didn't bring mine.
I have to get going.
I knew that feeling.
I mean for a living?
I turned, searching.
I was just—thinking.
I was making a plan.
I wasn’t keeping up.
I yanked the string.
Is anything missing?
It was Holly crying.
It was embarrassing.
It was intoxicating.
It was overwhelming.
It was slow waiting.
It wasn’t happening.
It's a warm evening.
It's going down now.
It's like groveling.
It's the real thing.
It's tiring, though.
It's wearing me out.
It’s nothing at all.
I’d given up hoping.
I’m going home soon.
I’m going out there.
I’m not criticizing.
I’m trying to think.
Just one more thing.
My anger was rising.
My fingers loosened.
Nice going, Moskvin.
No fighting in here!
No going back, ever.
No note, no nothing.
Nobody saw anything.
Not going to happen.
Nothing else really.
Nothing from Kate.
Nothing had changed.
Nothing you’ve done.
One thing was clear.
Or wishing you were.
Osborne was missing.
People are starving.
Predictive modeling.
Protecting my heart.
Put everything away.
Red needs something.
She nodded, smiling.
She was easing away.
She was lying to me.
She was scaring him.
She wasn’t sleeping.
Sickening, isn’t it?
So stop thanking me.
So, act accordingly.
Some whiskey-making.
Someone is knocking.


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