Our sister is working now. => Наша сестра сейчас работает.


How is she feeling?
I am calling again.
I ask you, darling.
I heard her crying.
I started laughing.
I took off running.
I wasn't giving up.
I wasn’t following.
I will be charming.
I would be nothing.
In the living room.
Is everything okay?
Is something wrong?
It kept doing that.
It looked inviting.
It stopped ringing.
It was frightening.
It was frustrating.
It was fucking his.
It was infuriating.
It was interesting.
It's a flying boat.
It's like stealing.
It’s okay, darling.
I’m being followed?
I’m going to sleep.
I’m nothing to you.
I’m talking steaks.
Keep looking at me.
Sam said nothing.
Like rushing water.
Likes shiny things.
Living room, clear.
Living room: empty.
Look, I’m freezing.
Lots of bad things.
Moving right along.
My feeling is this.
Nothing came to me.
Nothing new listed.
Nothing was inside.
She mustn’t linger.
She was crying too.
She was whispering.
Some magical thing.
Some things follow.
Someone was coming.
Something is wrong.
Something personal.
Something very bad.
Stop going to work?
Thanks for calling.
That kind of thing.
That sort of thing.
That sort of thing.
That sort of thing?
That was something.
That was startling.
That's interesting.
That’s interesting.
That’s nothing new.
The bidding slowed.
The finger wheeled.
The shock lingered.
Then nothing since.
This was startling.
Was I being baited?
Was it hurting him?
Wear something red.
We’re just waiting.
We’re looking for-”
What are you doing?
What was happening?
What was he saying?
What was she doing?
What's he studying?
Where are we going?
Where was he going?
Why not keep going?
Why was I hurrying?
Wrote nothing down.
You all get moving.
You feeling better?
You have something.
You’ve been crying.


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