Smoking is bad for health. => Курение (есть) вредно для здоровья.

come - coming, smoke - smoking, wtite - writing, run - running, sit - sitting, swim - swimming
lie - lying, die - dying

Thanks for coming.
That puzzle thing.
That’s everything.
That’s locking up?
There was nothing.
They knew nothing.
They were shaking.
They were smoking.
Too much going on.
Watching everyone.
We’re handling it.
What long fingers.
What was going on?
But he’s missing.
Different things.
Fielding is down.
I am begging you.
I am coming back.
I have a meeting.
I see everything.
Is she breathing?
Is that flirting?
It's all missing.
It’s a bad thing!
I’m being set up.
A plan was forming.
A training mission?
Absolutely nothing.
After all, anything
Also something new.
Amazing technology.
Among other things.
And again, nothing.
And getting louder.
Anything like that?
Are you having any?
Are you raving mad?
Are you staying in?
Being it scares me.
Bring you back too.
But I hated crying.
But he was failing.
But what’s lacking?
By a single person?
He’s just sleeping.
He’s looking at me.
He’s very charming.
You want anything?
You’re hurting me.
Kate said nothing.
it’s not bleeding!
A thing like you?
According to you.
Already checking.
Anything further?
At first nothing.
No more fighting.
Not for anything?
Nothing happened.
Nothing happened?
What I was doing.
What I’m feeling.
What am I saying?
What is going on?
What snake thing?
What whole thing?
What’s happening?
What’s she doing?
You mean missing?
You were willing.
You’re not going.
Totally annoying.
Was he listening?
He could get going.
He is leaving soon.
He knows something.
He started driving.
He stopped rubbing.
He was being silly.
He was going there.
He was hurting her.
He was soaking wet.
He was teasing her.
He wasn’t laughing.
He wasn’t thinking.


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