Мама спит. => Mother is sleeping. Описана ситуация, отнимающая время, т.е. по характеру действие было длительным .

soon => скоро; yet => еще

I’m listening.
I’m moving on.
I’m not going.
I’m shuffling.
Making a list.
Need anything?
Not happening.
Play anything.
Pushing, then.
Stop flirting.
Stop hovering.
Thinking what?
This’ll sting.
Was I snoring?
He said nothing.
He was drowning.
He was escaping!
He was fighting.
He was frowning.
He was gloating.
He was going on.
He was grinning.
He was laughing.
He was learning.
He was seething.
He was watching.
He wasn’t lying.
Let's get going!
Moving sideways.
Not dying young.
Nothing changes.
Nothing further.
Nothing on them.
Nothing to fear.
Perfect opening.
I’ll be going.
I’m listening.
I’m not lying.
Not one thing.
Say something.
We’re staying.
All went flying.
And the wedding.
Are you kidding?
Are you losing ?
Are you opening?
Are you staying?
Ask me anything.
Being closed in?
I began talking.
I began to sing.
I kept stalling.
I mean anything.
I was shivering.
I'll be reading.
I'll be waiting.
I'm not sharing.
It was annoying.
It was daunting.
It was stunning.
It's going down!
It’s everything.
It’s flattering.
She rings again.
She saw nothing.
She was amazing.
She was smiling.
Sing one for me.
Someone turning.
Something about—
Something worse.
Sterling sighed.
But nothing new.
Buttering me up.
Compass heading.
Doing their job.
Everything hurt.
Everything okay?
Fucking beg you?
Fucking vampire.


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