1 I am We are 1 I was We were
2 You are 2 You were
3 He is
She is
It is
They are 3 He was
She was
It was
They were

Напиши в настоящем времени. Вслух громко повтори трижды. Затем тоже в прошедшем.

He waved and was gone.
Her progress was slow.
Her queen was missing.
His voice was gleeful.
His voice was patient.
His voice was slurred.
I think he was pissed.
In a way he was right.
My timing was perfect.
Not a word was spoken.
One bullet was enough.
Perhaps he was stoned.
She knew he was right.
She was grandmotherly.
Something was missing.
Suddenly he was angry.
That girl was strange.
The decision was made.
The fuckhead was high.
The guy was connected.
The hearing was quick.
The lining was calico.
The Mayan was puzzled.
The message was clear.
The name was familiar.
The operator was calm.
The ritual was sacred.
The room was spinning.
The score was one-all.
Turns out I was right.
The hard part was over.
The man was disgusting.
The shooter was strong.
The sun was relentless.
The way he was dressed.
Then again, so was Eve.
Then there was nothing.
This door was unlocked.
This last bit was true.
This time it was night.
This time, it was easy.
This was entertainment.
Tonight, that was good.
Only he said it was you.
But my wait was futile.
But that was different.
But the gear was wrong.
But this was different.
But today was critical.
Everything was dimming.
Everything was perfect.
He pretended he was me.
Her flight was delayed.
Her home was destroyed.
Hey, that was possible.
His deep voice was low.
His enjoyment was hers.
His real name was John.
I'll say it was stolen.
I asked what was wrong.
I knew that was coming.
I told him he was scum.
I told him I was sorry.
It was…It was terrible.
I’m sorry it was quick.
Li again, that was all.
I know that I was lucky.
I suppose I was austere.
I think it was Saturday.
I told them it was okay.
It meant Bear was alive.


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