для образования отрицательной формы достаточно поставить отрицательную частицу "not" после глагола "to be"

сделай предложения отрицательными.

His grip was tight.
His mood was great.
His mouth was open.
His smile was grim.
His voice was deep.
His voice was flat.
His wife was there.
I knew he was dead.
Inside, it was hot.
It was frightening.
It was frustrating.
It was infuriating.
It was interesting.
It was no-nonsense.
Maybe Sam was here.
The ceiling was low.
The door was closed.
The door was locked.
The first was shock.
The fit was perfect.
The house was empty.
The paper was blank.
The roast was ready.
The room was silent.
The tripod was next.
The window was open.
The storm was coming.
The threat was clear.
Then he was groaning.
Then there was peace.
This was magnificent.
This woman was magic.
Tuckman was frowning.
Which was ridiculous.
Wise was blank-faced.
Yes, she was perfect.
You said he was Grey.
Your partner was new.
Nothing was inside.
Now she was fierce.
Oh yeah, he was up.
One thing was sure.
Phelps was nodding.
Quinton was silent.
Rachel was trapped.
Sam was distracted.
She was underwater.
She was whispering.
Someone was coming.
That was different.
That was precedent.
That was something.
That was startling.
The crown was gone.
The Ghost was here.
The hall was empty.
There was precedent.
They know it was me.
This was impossible.
Wait, that was okay.
Well, it was mutual.
Well, that was nice.
The accent was heavy.
The answer was never.
The bottle was empty.
The cook was alarmed.
The display was dark.
The guard was inside.
The Hoot was crowded.
The house was silent.
The journal was gone.
The left was missing.
The man was carrying.
The office was quiet.
The sadness was gone.
The ship was damaged.
The house was cold.
The house was dark.
The man was Kobori.
The pie was cherry.
The room was empty.
The room was still.
The talk was basic.
This was different.
This was Louisiana.
This was pointless.
This was startling.
This was wonderful.
Tom’s jaw was hard.
Visibility was low.
It was vegetarian.
Somebody was here.
That one was mine.
Her breath was loud.
Her look was steady.
Her mother was here.
Her voice was angry.
His mind was racing.
His plan was simple.
His wife was gifted.
I did as I was told.
I guess I was wrong.
I knew it was wrong.
I was flabbergasted.
I was just—thinking.
It was embarrassing.
It was intoxicating.
It was overwhelming.
It was twelve-forty.
Like he was damaged


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