She was right. t was lovely.

Глагол "to be" не требует вспомогательного глагола для образования вопросительной или отрицательной формы. Чтобы задать вопрос нужно поставить глагол "to be" перед подлежащим. Сделай предложения вопросительными.

It was lovely.
It was Olivia.
It was pretty.
It was strong.
It was tender.
Jimmy was mad.
Kara was dead.
Life was good.
More was more.
Nana was fine.
Nick was Nick.
She was alive.
She was alone.
She was angry.
She was green.
She was Katya.
She was naked.
She was plain.
She was quiet.
She was right.
She was smart.
She was solid.
She was there.
She was wrong.
That was 1941.
That was fast.
That was fine.
That was good.
That was okay.
That was true.
This was Bear.
This was good.
This was nice.
Today was one.
What was best.
He was curious.
He was furious.
He was jealous.
He was leaving.
He was married.
He was nervous.
He was perfect.
He was puzzled.
He was shaking.
He was unarmed.
He was waiting.
I was diverted.
I was finished.
I was freezing.
I was graceful.
I was grateful.
I was innocent.
I was outraged.
I was relieved.
I was sleeping.
I was startled.
It was amazing.
It was artisan.
It was cheaper.
It was erratic.
It was evening.
It was evident.
It was flatter.
It was nothing.
It was Osborne.
It was perfect.
It was Quinton.
It was raining.
It was Roy-Boy.
It was serious.
It was snowing.
It was tedious.
It was torture.
It was working.
Jack was wrong.
He was fortyish.
He was frowning.
He was gloating.
He was grinning.
He was laughing.
He was learning.
He was ruthless.
He was seething.
He was startled.
He was stubborn.
He was tireless.
He was watching.
I was acquitted.
I was impressed.
I was intrigued.
I was merciless.
I was paralyzed.
I was shivering.
I was surprised.
I was terrified.
It was all-dark.
It was annoying.
It was daunting.
It was glorious.
It was gorgeous.
It was horrible.
It was official.
It was pathetic.
It was stunning.
It was terrible.
It was Thursday.
It was unlocked.
It was unsavory.
Tana was dead.
Lora was right.
Ann was back.
Tom was right.
Tom was absent.
Pierce was here.

She was amazing.
She was curious.
He was astounded.
He was beautiful.
He was Sam.
He was depressed.
He was desperate.
He was exhausted.
He was impressed.
He was improving.
He was surprised.
He was unpopular.
Her face was wet.
Kate was safe.
I was speechless.
It was automatic.
It was beholding.
It was Christmas.
It was delicious.
It was different.
It was dishonest.
It was drizzling.
It was intuition.
It was ravishing.
It was repugnant.
It was revulsion.
It was tradition.
It was unnerving.
It was worthless.
That was foolish.
That was helpful.
That was strange.
The bed was made.
The cat was here.
The fire was out.
The man was gone.
The news was bad.
Then he was gone.
Then it was gone.
There was family.
This was amazing.
This was serious.
This was unusual.
This was working.
Today was Friday.

Which was better.
Why it was right.


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