утвердительная форма

вопросительная форма

отрицательная форма

He had asked

Had he asked

He had not (hadn’t) asked



Would you pour me some tea?
Would you rather walk home?
Would you please fetch Barnaby?
Would you rather meet somewhere?
Would you prefer the south porch?
Would you two workaholics come to bed?
Wouldn't be wise to let him get there first.
Would you rather I write it up as some kind of turkey?
Would y’know the scent of one or another of you if I told you?
Would you tell them that we’ll send them the money, just as quick as we get back to the city?
Would you please go to Cleveland and pick up something for me in, uh, well…your stage clothes.
Would you risk your wonderful marriage on the chance that he would believe you instead of listening to me?
He’d hurt her.
He’d used her.
He’d be caught.
He’d come back.
He’d done that.

He’d pushed me.
He’d had a gift.
He’d trapped me.
He’d been a fool.
He’d been honest.
He’d lied to her.
He’d missed this.
He’d pleased her.
He’d seen enough.
He’d seen me too.
He’d trapped her.
He’d wanted more.
He’d been aroused.
He’d been pleased.
He’d come too far.
He’d eavesdropped.
He’d end up alone.
He’d lost control.
He’d seen it done.
He’d stood her up.
He’d be back later.
He’d lost his soul.
He’d said her name.
He’d sounded angry.
He’d ban me forever.
He’d given her love.
He’d killed so many.
He’d left his spoor.
He’d said something.
He’d saved her life.
He’d seen that face.
He’d always hated it.
He’d always known it.
He’d be leaving soon.
He’d be worried sick.
He’d been a good boy.
He’d been all primed.
He’d been so excited.


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