same значит «тот же самый», является лимитирующим определением, и перед ним всегда употребляется определенный артикль:

Same может употребляться как определение к существительному или как подлежащее.

Пример: Same basic idea.

You can't step into the same stream twice.
And it’s the same with this.
He can’t be the same guy.
He’s done the same thing here.
I'm always nervous, same as you.
I could say the same for you.
I don’t think we’re on the same page here.
Out of curiosity, see if it’s the same license plate.
Same old Sam.
I thought the same thing
My contacts and I play in the same hidden sandbox.

Well, you can’t be much closer than at the same dinner table.

We found a torn sleeve perfumed with this same incense

Sam continued in the same menacing manner.

She told them she did, after they breathlessly declared the same to her.


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