Whoкто, который

This - этот

Each other -

друг друга

Whatчто, какой

These - эти

Whichкакой, который

That - тот

One another -

друг друга

Whose чей

Those - те

Thatчто (только


Such - так, такой



She halted on the path.
That halted everything.
Tom halted in defeat.
Sam halted beside the pond.
Their guide halted suddenly.
” She halted in the doorway.
He halted, his chest heaving.
He halted in surprise.
At the crowd skirts he halted.

Suddenly she halted.
He halted directly in front of her.
He halted in the corridor, stumped.
He halted, and his gaze pierced her.
He halted, forbore hailing the jet'ab.
Late in the sunlit night, they halted.
Seeing him, she halted in the archway.
Tiptree halted for a moment to listen.
I halted the promenade and pulled away.
The procession halted outside the gate.
The beggar halted a short distance away.
She halted in front of an ice apple tree.
Both halted their mounts and bowed to Sano.
Suddenly the man who led this group halted.
The bear halted at the foot of a staircase.
The porters halted outside Kate’s gate.
Surprise halted Sano at the rim of the stage.
Tamura halted on the verge of another attack.
He suddenly halted and said, You may be right.
Abe ran back to the bedroom, then halted abruptly.
He halted and panned his dark gaze over the crowd.
Cassie halted just inside the doorway, watching them.
Her procession halted some fifty paces from the gate.
Hirata and his men halted and peered through the gap.
Ito suddenly halted near the right side of Ejima’s head.
He halted in front of her, and his black eyes drank her in.
The sight of two strange samurai in the nursery halted her.
Many floors below, the elevator car halted, motor circuit broken.
The freighter's slow, backward drift halted, then reversed itself.

Sam halted his army at the edge of a crowd that blocked the avenue.
Now her procession halted in the fog outside gate.
Sano and his men halted at its edge, the boundary of the mansion’s grounds.
Your future is being halted, dragged back toward a false glory in the past.
As they halted outside the high stone wall, their escorts stopped behind them.
She walked farther, rounding the corner of the castle, and halted in her tracks.


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