вот так – like this


Stop this!
Take this.
this time.
This week.
And this?
See this?
This one?
This way.
After this.
I did this.
This green.
This is it.
Who's this?
Like this?
Know this.
Take this.
This week.
Due to this.
Needed this.
So did this.
This works?
Who’s this?
But not this.
I asked this.
In this cold?
Is this safe?
Look at this!
Look at this.
That is real.
That was all.
That was you.
That woke me.
This is real.
This morning.
This was bad.
This was new.
This was Sal.
This was…odd.
What is this?
I hate this.
This is him.
All this time?
And then this!
He hated this!
He hated this.
He loved this.
Not like this.
Not this time.
She knew this.
That meant me.
That might do.
That poor man.
that same day.
That saved us.
That threw me.
That was 1941.
That was fast.
That was fine.
That was good.
That was okay.
That was true.
This is crazy!
This isn’t me.
This was Bear.
This was good.
This was nice.
Turn this way.
What was this?
Who sent this?
You know this.
That you are.
What is this?
Who did this?
And that confused me.
But that wasn’t fair.
But this time, go in.
But this was madness.
He hadn’t known this.
He thought this over.
He was born for this.
How do you know this?
I can work with this.
I can’t believe this!
I can’t believe this.
I can’t buy this one.
That did it.
That he did.
That is all.
That was it.
This is Ben.
This is new.
This is One.
This was it.
Watch this…
What’s this?
Who is this?
This first.
Drink this. “How’s this?
Is this it?
This is a good break.
This is a muscle car.
This is a safe place!
This is Liza Barkley.
This is my last shot.
This is not optional.
This is pretty clear.
This is the clincher.
This is the receiver.
This is what he does.
This Sai had learned.
This was because Mrs.
This was magnificent.
This was new for him.
This was nothing new.
This wasn’t any good.
This wasn’t the past.
This woman was magic.
This won’t take long.
Trust me on this one.
We’re on top of this.
What’s this building?
Who had created this?
You leave that to me.
What is this about?
What is this place?
What is this thing?
Whose page is this?
Why do you do this?
I’ll make this quick.
Let’s try this again.
Like I need this now…
Listen to this, Walt.
Maybe that will help.
No, that wasn’t true.
Not that it mattered.
Now she learned this?
Now that makes sense.
Oh, this will be fun!
Perhaps this is love.
Please God, not this.
She couldn’t do this.
She knew this moment.
Take this place down.
Take us through this.
That was interesting.
That was Shadow-land.
That wasn't possible.
I’m no good at this.
An egg this morning.
Are you up for this?
But this is my home!
Come right this way.
Do we know this guy?
How did this happen?
How’d you find this?
I can’t finish this.
I guess that was us.
I need to take this.
Let’s get this done.
Open this one first.
Put that thing away.
That was aggressive.
Then how about this?


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