I have a house.

глагол иметь (формы: have / has / had).

Если сразу за ним в предложении нет никакой другой глагольной формы так и переводится

She has a car. They had money. - Они имеют(У них есть) деньги.

It has hair.
He has money.
She has school.
Everyone has them.
He has everything.
Tom has fallen.
He has potential.
It always has been.
My world has shaken.
My power has grown.
I suspect Urky has it.
Kobrecki has returned.
There always has been.
Your world has changed.
No one ever has before.
But something has changed.
Nature already has remedy.
Perhaps everyone has left.
This one has intelligence.
This technology has promise.
Please tell me it has meat.
That’s all anybody has got.
Even the bombing has stopped.
Nelli says the me has news.
We need someone who has experience.
And somewhere, Pierce still has Eve.
I’m a witch, and my house has wards.
And it may seem chaotic, but it has rules.
I informed her, “The situation has changed".
Admit it, she thought, your plan has failed.
The incision only goes as deep as it has to.
“I’m very doubtful that anything has changed.
Everything that mattered to her has disappeared.
The reason I’m calling is that young man has returned.
I just can’t figure out why their approach has changed.
He’s a messenger, you know, which is why he has letters.
And if so, how long of a sequence the parrot has memorized.
It has gotten dark while we were talking and the game has ended.
The rest generally flee and try to hide, denying what has happened.


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