глагол иметь (формы: have / has / had).

В формулах Active Perfect He has come. => Он пришел.

“Had done" можно использовать в следующих случаях.

1) Когда очень важно сказать какое событие произошло первым в прошлом.
2) В косвенной речи.
3) Чтобы показать сожаление о прошлом.
4) В условных предложениях (if).

Обычно когда говориться что произошло в прошлом времени на английском язке используются Simple Past или Past Continuous.
Например, “He got up early to go to the work. He spent all day there and went home as it was getting dark."
Известно в каком порядке случились события, поэтому не нужно употреблять время Past Perfect.

Если нужно объяснить какое-то событие случилось первым:
Например, “I was hungry, as I hadn’t eaten all day." (Стал голодным после того как не ел весь день.)

Сравните два предложения:
“When she got to the airport, the plane took off." (Самолет улетел после того как она прибыла в аэропорт.)
“When she got to the airport, the plane had taken off." (Самолет улетел до того как она прибыла в аэропорт.)

We use the past perfect to say that something had already happened before this time:

When I arrived at the party, Tom had already gone home.

Kate has returned.
Kate has reunited us.
He has mentioned you.
Your world has changed.
He has exonerated you.
No one has died today.
But something has changed.
Nature already has remedy.
For the one who has expired
The blood has pooled..
The world has poisoned them.
Even the bombing has stopped.
None of it has seemed quite real.
Somebody has destroyed the others.
What the hell has happened to you?
So much has changed with the war.
The family has accepted you then.
I think that bugger has pinched it!
Who knows how much time has passed?
Only when the sun’s light has fled
Sam has disappeared without a trace.

All three of my suspects had demonstrated some control of Kate—the last seance had convinced me of that, though the evidence wasn't clear enough to determine who had done what.
And when he had noticed anyway and confronted Tom, Kate said it was her fault, she had done it.
Bear had done it.
But he had done nothing.
Sam was my little brother, someone I was supposed to watch over, and technically I had done that.
Even during the day, images from his nightmare rose up unbidden: the walls of Conference Room wavering in the dim green light; Bill winking lewdly at his daughter and making paper airplanes that skittered to life across the surface of the table like insect
He had done it.
I only wish my own mother had done this.
I would probably never again think a man was simply ogling me for my looks, and I added this to the list of wrongs Sam had done me.
It took a lot to put Nick off tennis, but Kate had done it.
It wasn't even his hypocrisy in suggesting that Alex had cared for their mother just because he could, while he himself had done nothing.

The boy had done well.
When he was finished, there would be no evidence that he had done it.


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