• she had; she would: she’d been aboard his boat
  • she’d be a big help in the shop

I had written a letter by two o'clock.-действие было завершено до определенного момента в прошлом.

She had already left when I came.-одно действие было завершено перед другим действием в прошлом.

Could используется также для сообщения о возможности совершения действия в будущем.

- There could be another rise in prices next month. ( =Возможно,что это произойдет.)

Иногда could употребляется как прошедшее время от can.

- Tom could play football very well. Том мог играть (раньше) в футболл очень хорошо.

She’d be married with kids.
She’d been gone a lifetime.
She’d checked the postmark.
She’d know nothing of that.
She’d known a few of those.
She’d moved the cat’s bowl.
She’d seen it too-the pain.
She’d trembled in his arms.
She’d wanted to for months.
She’d blindly” grabbed MSP.
She’d been gone three hours.
She’d been very, very wrong.
She’d had to hide her tears.
She’d seen more than enough.
She’d broken the rules, not the law.
She’d fallen hard and fast and deep.
She’d locked the gate when she left.
She’d almost forgotten Nicholas was there.
She’d always been like that, too trusting.
She’d be late to work tomorrow, obviously.
She’d been a passing fancy in their lives.
She’d ended it with the business end of a.
She’d like to be a confidential informant.
She’d lost the summer to pointless chores.
She’d seen that picture hundreds of times.
She’d get no help from the Bolivian police.
She’d make dinner memorable, to compensate.
She’d never done anything like this before.
She’d said something—something about books.
She’d check out the house just to make sure.
She’d do what she needed to do, but smartly.
She’d lost weight, in just these three days.
She’d maintained her distance, consciously or not.
She’d never had anyone bring her breakfast in bed.
She’d stopped gritting her teeth against the pain.
She’d stopped herself from knocking twice already.
She’d been alarmed when he’d said he had to go out.
She’d come hundreds of miles in less than two days.
She’d kept tabs on him, even after all these years.
She’d known all this and she’d invited him, anyway.
She’d love the challenge of an old place like this.
She’d murmured directions, but he didn’t need them.
She’d nestled in them, and they had saved her life.


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