Зрение (seeing) и слух (hearing) — свойственные человеку чувства, проявление их непроизвольно и нормально не бывает ограничено определенным" промежутком времени.


I heard too.
I heard you!
I heard you.
I heard her crying.
I heard you say so.
I heard her tell him.
I heard distant music.
I heard about your mom.
I heard him hitting her.
I heard Kate say, John…”
I heard movement inside.
I heard Brian say "Graah!
I heard no sounds at all.
I heard the bone shatter.
I heard the hard slam of Dr.
I heard her smother a giggle.
I heard Kate say again, Tom?
I heard Kate say, All right.
I heard my breath in my ears.
I heard the place was haunted.
I heard about that report, too.
I heard him ask, Where are you?
I heard Sam right behind me.
I heard you're quite a drinker.
I heard Sam talking to himself.
I heard her threaten to kill him.
I heard Pete call out behind me.
I heard the door close behind us.
I heard the younger boy say, Wow!
I heard a noise outside, a rattle.
I heard her say, ‘What’s going on?
I heard you telling Sam your name.
I heard Kate say you first.
I heard them talking about Sam.
I heard Celia’s voice ask, Who’s Pete?
I heard her typing in the background.
I heard it and took off in the plane.
I heard a defensive tone in his voice.
I heard Hunter groping along the wall.
I heard the warning note in her voice.
I heard about what happened last night.
I heard about your visit to Hill.
I heard footsteps on the stairs, and Kate came in.
I heard him ask, Whose guitar is that-there yonder?
I heard the phone being picked up at her apartment.
I heard Tom make a noise and turned back to him.
I heard a loud blast but didn’t see his muzzle flash.
I heard his thoughtful grunt and the sound of typing.
I heard the door close and silence fell for a moment.
I heard clicking from his end, the sounds of a keyboard.
I heard heavy breathing when I was almost near the back.
I heard something scuffling through the gravel behind me.


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