people - Who

Who will take care of her? Кто будет заботиться о ней?

reacon - Why

Why do you ask? Почему ты спрашиваешь?


Why did you?
He always did.
He always had.
I never slept.
Why do you ask?
I never saw them.
We never meant it.

when he found it.
why did you call?
I never used that.
I never wanted it.
She never woke up.
We never knew who.

Why did you do it?
Why didn’t anyone?
Why do you think?

He always had been.
He always resisted.
We never have been.
We never have been.
Why didn’t they GO!
Why do you want me?
Why does he want it?
I never even saw 'em!
I never looked at his.
I never saw her there.
I never saw him again.
Why did you come back?
Why did you pull away?
Why didn't he call me?
Why do I have to come?
He always leaves a box.
I never heard about it.
I never saw them again.
Why did you stain them?
Why didn’t you warn me?
Why does Maria like it?
I never lived here then.
I never use it.
We never became friends.
We never became friends.
Why did you leave there?
Why didn’t he just stay?
Why do you want to know?
I often wish I'd kept it.
I never know what to say.
Why didn't he keep going?
Why didn't you tell them?
Why didn’t I think of it?
Why didn’t you tell Jack?
I never carry enough ammo.
Why did you tell him that?
Who will take care of her?
He always leaves it undone.
Why didn’t you come before?
Why do you have to stop it?
Why do you need to do this?
Who will take care of Liza?
I never have figured it out.
Why didn't he just tell her?
Why do they always ask that?
Why do you think we’re here?
Why does he like you better?
Why don't we search for her?
I never had the money before.
I never thought I’d find out.
I never went to a university.
Why did you kill your family?
Why didn’t you want me to go?
Why do you keep pestering me?
Why don't we sit by the fire?
He always had a full magazine.
I never been so exited before.
I never considered going back.
I never wanted to be like her.
She never would have survived.
when we entered Federal Plaza.
Why didn't you go back for it?
I never heard from Eddie again.
I never mix with them off-duty.


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