I am; he/ she/ it is; we/ you/ they are. Глагол to be имеет в прошедшем времени форму was для 1-го и 3-го лица в единственном числе и форму were для всех лиц во множественном числе;


I am your father.
I am your master.
I am?
I am wedged against a young woman with plump bare arms.
I am well aware of Sam's interest in his son's activities.
I am what I choose to be, and I am it.
I am writing about me and all the people I have met who are important to me, and about my ideas, and how they have changed.
I am writing to the papers, Sam, to tell them what I have told you here, and to say that you have my book, that it is rare and fine, and that applications from publishers who hope to get it must be made to you.
I am your buried treasure.
You are nothing.
You are now a millionaire.
You are so lucky you're dead.
You are something more mysterious.
You are such a dimwit sometimes.
You are too earthbound to catch their interest.
You are too good a man to be acting like this.
You are too old for us, you know.
You are too thin.
You are unnaturally persuasive.
You are very likely to encounter a bear in the woods.
You are what I've sought.
You aren’t a cop.
You aren’t badly off yourself.
You aren’t being fair.
You aren’t even bipedal.
You aren’t following me, are you?
You aren’t going to like this.
You aren’t listening to me.
You aren’t mad at me, are you?

I amused myself by sneaking into places where I didn’t belong.

I'm crazy about you, but after Sam, I can't live with secrets like that.

You are desperate.
You are different.
You are dismissed.
You are exasperating.
You are fire.
You are in enemy territory.
You are jealous of me?
You are light.
You are like a fire: you warm me.
You are lucky to get what I am giving you.
You are making a big mistake.
You are marrying him, aren’t you?
You are mean and sneaky!
You are mixed up in this, you know.
You are my wife.
You are no good to me.
You are not a customer here.
You are not a partner here.
You are not to speak until spoken to.
You are a beautiful man.
You are a clever man.
You are a completely hopeless liar.
You are a quiet one.
You are a rich woman?
You are a romantic.
You are a very foolish girl.
You are able to destroy two American cities.
You are all doing a fine job.
He was a romantic.


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